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Security for 37/410 Storage

  Facility Hours

For security purposes, 37/410 Storage has set hours during which renters can enter the property and access their storage unit. The property’s security system will prevent you from entering the property other than during these hours. If your schedule is different than the hours the storage facility is open, storage may become more of a headache than a help. Be sure to know up front what times and days you will be allowed to access your belongings.

In some cases, you can rent a storage unit with 24-hour access for an increased fee.

Locks & Security Systems

Although no security system is totally foolproof, there are security features that the facility should have to make sure both you and your stored items are as safe as possible:
•37/410 Storage is completely fenced in and well lit. This is especially important if you will be accessing your storage unit when it’s dark, or at times when no managers are on duty.

•Almost all storage facilities have a keypad entry system at the main gate. When you rent a storage unit you will be given a unique access code, which you’ll use to gain entry to the facility via the main gate’s keypad system. In addition to using the code, you will be responsible for supplying some sort of lock for your individual storage unit. Remember that you will have the only key to your individual lock, unless you ask the facility manager to “hold harmless” a key on file for you. That way, if you forget your key or if you need to have something delivered to you storage unit in your absence, the manager will have a copy.

•Finally, there should be at least one video surveillance camera at the main gate. This backs up the keypad entry system with a chronological visual history of all individuals who have entered and exited the facility. Some storage facilities have video cameras – sometimes as many as 15 or more – at other spots around the site, too.

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Secure Entrance

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The Gate Operation

Key coded gate operates 7 days a week 6:00am to 10:00pm
Gate can be opened at other times with coordination of site manager

9-6 Monday through Friday (closed for lunch daily 2-3pm)
9-3 Saturday
Open Sunday 1-5 P.M.

Office 1-210-633-2820

Email info@37410storage.com

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